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Alumni and Mentors

Highlighted Alumni Entrepreneurs

Kenny Daniele

Kenny Daniele

Prestige Scrap & Metal

  • Graduated August 2012
  • Prestige Scrap & Metal is a full service metal recycling company. We have been in business a little under three years and have found our niche in the auto industry. Prestige processes between 30-50 cars every day making us one of the largest independent auto processors in town. The company started out in 2011 with 3 employees to now having 12. At the moment we are opening up a second location on a 40 acre lot which will employ another 8-10 workers. Having two locations our goal is to break $5 million in sales this year.
  • The things that I learned while at Texas State that have benefited me the most is networking skills, management practices, and everything that has to do with accounting(although I wish I would have paid more attention in accounting). Business law also helped out in understanding the laws that revolve around my industry.
  • My biggest advice for a your entrepreneur is to find an organization revolving their specific industry and attending every event. At these events meet every person possible, the more people you meet the better off you will be in the long run. Networking is key. These vents may be expensive but will definitely pay for themselves. 

Zack Maxey

Zack Maxey Picture

Bullzeye Oilfield Services

  • Year graduated: 2010
  • Summary of business and growth:  Bullzeye Oilfield Services is a cased-hole wireline company with locations in Tye, Texas, San Antonio, Texas and, most recently, Bryan, Texas.  The company specializes in down-hole computer logging, perforating, pipe-recovery, and mechanical services. 
  • Bullzeye has experienced rapid growth since opening the doors in 2010. The company started with one truck in its fleet and four employees and has grown to eight trucks and 20 employees.  Bullzeye now services more than 50 accounts. The two most notable accounts are in the top 5 oil and gas producing companies in North America.  Growth is projected to continue at it's current rate.
  • Specifying what I learned at Texas State that helps me most today is very difficult.  There is no one thing that definitively helps me on a day to day basis.  What is most beneficial to me is the foundation that I built there.  It is the footing to every important business decision that I make.
  •  The best advise I can give to aspiring entrepreneurs is the philosphy I try to live my life by and that is, "Let your yes mean yes, and let your no mean no."- James 5:12.  That should hold true when dealing with questions from others and also when you are questioning yourself.  Consistency is a key ingredient to the formula for success.


Chris Gonzalez, Nick Thomas, Dean Thomas, and Chico Tirado (not pictured)

Chris, Dean and Chico graduated from Texas State in 2014. This is their 3-startup and most successful one. In 2015, They teamed together to form Gnack. Dean's brother Nick joined the team later that year.

Gnack is a robust, programmatic advertising platform where brands can easily connect with their social media brand champions to collaborate on user generated, native marketing campaigns on Instagram and Snapchat. 

Gnack's technology allows advertisers to easily connect with influencers at scale to promote brands natively on social media. Our programmatic platform allows advertisers to set up and deploy influencer marketing media buys in minutes--not days. 

Frame your brand's message displayed as trusted, user-generated content. Plug into hyper-niche communities by finding your targeted brand champions, and maintain full creative control of your campaign along the way. Find the right people, manage your ad campaign costs, automate content approval, and scale your campaign with our social communities. 

We are not impressed with impressions. Brands can keep asking for likes and follows, but we’re smarter than that. We measure not only quantity of reach but quality as well, while providing data insights specifically designed around your strategic initiatives. That’s why we’ve partnered with Microsoft's Bizspark initiatives to bring patent pending analytics that track campaign performance and show native social ROI that stands behind your bottom line. We help some of the world's biggest brands and advertisers achieve success through results-driven native advertising campaigns.

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