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Press Release June 2016

June 9, 2016

Texas State has done it again! This year, Texas State student, Adam Nwaozo, has won the Texas Rural Challenge conference Student Challenge on June 9, 2016. The Texas Student Challenge (TSC) is a business plan competition held to encourage entrepreneurship and technological innovation among college students in the State of Texas. Adam presented his business plan for Apperr Designs, which works with small businesses in developing social marketing and apps. 

As part of the Texas Rural Challenge (TRC), hosted by the Office of the Governor and UTSA's Institute for Economic Development – Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Rural Business Program, the TSC aims to foster high-quality business ventures and innovative technologies that will benefit rural communities through community and economic development.  The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students, of any major, attending a Texas college or university. 

Adam has been working on his business plan for his business Apperr Designs for over two years.  Adam has participated in the Center for Entrepreneurial Action (CEA) 3-Day Startup program fall 2015 and spring 2016. Adam has been working with Dr. Jana Minifie, Barshop Professor Excellence in Entrepreneurship and mentor of 3-Day Startup, on his business plan. Adam is a senior Applied Arts and Sciences major (Computer Information System).

Two Texas State teams were represented in the 6 finalists for the competition.  The other Texas State team of Adela Y. Moreno & her brother Anthony Jimenez, of Banner Distillery, also competed at the conference. Adela Y Moreno is a senior Management major with a concentration in entrepreneurship.

Pictured with Adam Nwaozo in being awarded first place: 

Paul Herrera, Project Manager, SBDC Rural Business Program

Libby Lane, Libby Lane Leather Goods (Conference Keynote)

Gilbert Gonzalez, UTSA, Director, SBDC Rural Business Program

Adam Nwaozo, Senior Applied Arts and Science major, First Place winner of the Texas Student Challenge 


Adam Nwaozo, Senior Applied Arts and Science major, First Place winner of the Texas Student Challenge 

About The Texas Rural Challenge

The Texas Rural Challenge features a wide range of best practices, collaboration opportunities, and ‘how-to’ learning experiences aimed at putting your big ideas into practice. The Texas Rural Challenge focuses on business and economic development, community development, and rural issues, with presentations and workshops by top innovators and change agents from across state and federal agencies and the private sector. The conference is hosted by the UTSA Institute for Economic Development – SBDC Rural Business Program and the Office of the Governor and is the largest event of its kind to focus on rural Texans and their communities. 


About the UTSA Institute for Economic Development

The UTSA Institute for Economic Development is dedicated to creating jobs, growing businesses and fostering economic development. Its centers and programs provide professional business advising, technical training, research and strategic planning for entrepreneurs, business owners and community leaders. Its programs serve San Antonio, the Texas-Mexico border area, and regional, national and international stakeholders. Together with federal, state and local governments, and private businesses, the Institute fosters economic and community development in support of UTSA’s community engagement mission.