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Bachelor of Business Administration in Management
with Entrepreneurial Studies Concentration

McCoy College of Business Entrepreneurship Faculty:

Dr. Melissa Baucus

Dr. David Cameron

Mr. Marty Jacobvitz

Dr. Jana Minifie

Mr. Chris Zigrossi

McCoy Entrepreneurship Courses:


The following 3 courses are Required:

MGT 3360 - Studies in Entrepreneurship

MGT 3361 - Small Business Operations and Financials

MGT 4350 - Business Plan Development

Select one from the following:

MGT 3362 - Issues in Family Business

MGT 4351 - Applied Entrepreneurship

MGT 4353 - Integrative Field Project

MGT 4393 - Entrepreneurial Internship

MGT 4399 – Undergraduate Independent Study in Entrepreneurship

Graduate Classes:

MGT 5315 - New Venture Management

MGT 5325 - Managing Business Creativity

MGT 5333 – Graduate Independent Study in Entrepreneurship 

MGT 5335 - New Venture Launch

MGT 5345 - Integrated Field Project

MSEC Courses