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Center for Entrepreneurial Action

Welcome to the Center for Entrepreneurial Action

Housed in the McCoy College of Business, the Center works to support an entrepreneurial ecosystem which connects thinkers, doers and learners from all disciplines to create positive change and bring new ideas to life.

Upcoming Events:

Women Entrepreneurship Week

Women Entrepreneurship Week is from October 19 - 26 and is open to Texas State faculty, staff, students, and guests.

Learn more about WEW


“I have spent the last 25 years starting, supporting and running organizations. Much of my experience relates to the acquisition, development and management of talent. As an Entrepreneur in Residence for the Center, I have the opportunity to work closely with the rising stars of tomorrow, supporting students and faculty as they bring new businesses and ideas to life.”  

Contact Dan Roy, Entrepreneur in Residence, McCoy College of Business, Room 213