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Innovation and Research

To visit the website for any of the department or program resources listed below, simply click on the name and you will be re-directed to their website. 

Technology Transfer and Contracts (TTC-formerly OCIR)


The mission of the Technology Transfer and Contracts (TTC) is to identify Intellectual Property resulting from research at Texas State University, protect it, and to facilitate the commercialization to business and industry; and, when feasible, to assist in the formation of start-up businesses that utilize the university’s technology in order to provide benefits to the university and the regional economy.


  • Promote and manage Texas State’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio.
  • Provide support for and review of all IP disclosures.
  • Protect and commercialize university IP.
  • Negotiate and review all research-related contractual agreements; including nondisclosures, sponsored research agreements, University-industry partnerships and service or testing agreements.

To Contact TTC:

Reddy Venumbaka
Director, Research and Support Services
Technology Transfer and Contracts
Texas State University-San Marcos 
601 University Dr JCK 489
San Marcos, TX 78666 
Phone: 512-245-4524




The Center for Entrepreneurial Action partners with STAR Park to promote entrepreneurship and economic development in the San Marcos community. 

Contact Information:

STAR Park is located at 3055 Hunter Road, San Marcos, Texas.

Mailing Address is: 601 University Dr. JCK Box 35, San Marcos Tx 78666

Mr. Stephen Frayser, Executive Director


Innovation Corps (I-Corps)

The I-Corps program is run by the National Science Foundation, and is a set of activities and programs that prepares scientists and engineers to extend their focus beyond the laboratory. The program utilizes experience from entrepreneurs to identify valuable product opportunities that can emerge from academic research. For more information on the program please visit the Innovation Corps website.

Research Development

The mission of the Office of Research Development(ORD) is to provide opportunity and support to researchers in an effort to increase the number of quality proposals submitted to external sponsors. 

Resources available through the ORD are sources for funding, proposal preparation, compliance and award management. 

Contact Information:

Evy Gonzales, Director


Phone: 512-245-2918

Materials Science,Engineering, & Commercialization Program

Materials science and engineering involves the characterization of the physical and chemical properties of solid materials-metals and alloys, ceramics, magnetic materials, polymers, optical materials, semiconductors, superconductors, and composites for the purpose of using, changing, or enhancing inherent properties to create or improve end products. This field is multidisciplinary including physics, chemistry and biochemistry, engineering, technology and biology.