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Complete By: Feb 28th

Deep Dive Workshop

Congratulations on your acceptance to DeepDive! We look forward to seeing you. In order to maximize the experience, some prework is required before you arrive.

All participants are required to complete the following before arriving at DeepDive:

  1. Review and study the Customer Interview process (document link below). The document outlines the Customer Interview process and contains very helpful resources. You need to understand the two validation methods, quantitative and qualitative. You must understand the customer’s pain points and gains they would like to realize before you validate your solution! Be sure to review the video links which are included at the end of the document. 


  2. Review the Lean Canvas tool and process described on by Ash Maurya. Be sure to review the links for resources at the top of the page about lean canvas. Check out the blog,, which has lots of good ideas. The Lean Canvas Tool will be important to your work over the weekend, so the better you understand it, the better your work will be. 


  3. If you have an established business idea, which was the basis for your application to DeepDive, you are expected to have completed 5 to 10 customer interviews (using the methodology discussed above) prior to arriving. Your results should be documented, and you should expect to use the results to guide your work over the weekend. 

Remember, the more work you put in before you arrive, the more you will get out of the weekend!