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3 Day Startup (3DS) teaches entrepreneurial skills in a focused hands-on environment. If you are interested in starting a new company, you do not want to miss this exciting three-day learning experience!

3DS in Action
3DS in Action
3DS in Action
3DS Presentations

Learn more about 3 Day Startup by watching the video below from the National 3 Day Start Up Organization?

Few words from previous Mentors and Judges on their 3 Day Startup experience at the Texas State University:

3DS Presentations
  • Absolutely thrilled to be mentoring my first 3-Day Startup weekend with Texas State University students and so fun to be on campus! Love seeing entrepreneur education and innovation brainstorming happening live! -Clair England, Mentor/Judge

  • I just had the opportunity to discuss my business model with the CEO of Greenling thanks to the connections made this past weekend. I am excited to continue forward with Pure a Clean Products. This newfound drive, belief in myself, and of course the networking opportunities would not have been possible without 3 Day Start-Up, and I cannot thank everybody enough for making it happen. -Maureen Pafumi, 3DS Judge

  • Privileged to have been a mentor at the Three Day Startup (3DS) event at the Texas State this past weekend. About 60 great students, plenty of interesting business concepts generated, developed, and pitched (mini-Shark Tank at the end), and a work space buzzing with intense energy for three days. Lots learned by everyone involved and I suspect that most left invigorated. I know I did. -Kim Smith, 3DS Mentor

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  • Is a hands-on learning experience that teaches the fundamental actions and research necessary to start a successful business. It is not a classroom situation where you sit and listen, rather it immerses the student in each important and necessary step to start a business.

  • 3DS is a highly transferable skill-set that is applicable to more than new business startups alone. It would be great to put on a resume to show new business development process understanding, skills and experience.


    Corporations really value the skill and focus needed to define new business opportunities and then follow through with the focused execution required to build the business and drive it forward. The main difference is mainly where the funding comes from. In our experience, the corporate world is constantly looking at new growth opportunities and wants employees with attributes similar that of successful startups. Companies often provide attractive incentives to retain these employees as the business develops.

  • It’s free to all students at TXState, undergrad or grad/MBA, and any major.

  • Any registered student, undergrad or grad, in any major at TX State. Any person can have an idea to start a business and needs to learn how to do it. We accept all major and students.

  • McCoy College of Business, 4thfloor in the Minifie Atrium, all three days.

  • Of course, cancellation is possible if done a week before the program begins. Write one of the program coordinators, which will give us time to invite another student. If you are a ‘no show’, meaning don’t cancel and don’t come, then you’ll forfeit the opportunity to take the program in the next semester.

  • No problem, Friday evening you’ll work in a small team to identify potential business ideas, either new ones or something that someone has already thought through.

  • To engage in the process, learn everything they can, have an open mind to new ideas, attend all three days as much as they can.

  • Attend an info session to learn more about the program and how it works. Listed on CEA/3DS website. Think about new business ideas that you might want to explore during the program. Talk with friends about challenges in starting a new business.

  • We will provide special assistance for students with physical disabilities.

  • Lots of ideas, open mind, laptop/iPad etc.We’ll provide food and beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day as needed.You go home each evening to rest up for the next day.

  • Not really, the expectation is that you’ll do your best to be there all 3 days, Friday – Sunday, see times above.

  • Any idea will be considered, whether techy, commercial or community/social impact oriented. The question is, “ Is the business opportunity sufficient to form a successful business?” Truth is, you never know where one idea may go or how it might evolve with a group of dynamic people working on it.

  • Business partners/groups are OK to bring, though we may spread you out to give everyone the maximum opportunity to grow and learn.