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Texas State University

3-Day Startup

April 24th - 26th, 2020

Location: School of Art and Design, JCM #1112

Hosted by the College of Fine Arts and Communication


3DS in Action
3DS in Action
3DS in Action
3DS Presentations

What is 3DS?

3DS is a weekend long event that will bring in students from all backgrounds in order to learn the basics of entrepreneurship. Over the weekend you will be placed in teams that help each student learn the factors that play in to starting a business.

Each student group will focus on a new or existing business idea and apply analytical techniques to visually examine the business potential from multiple dimensions. The program is intended for students who want to experience the excitement of assessing the potential of a new business idea and market opportunity. 

For more information, contact Claudia Roeschmann or 3DS Faculty Coordinator, Dr. David Cameron.

Learn more about 3 Day Startup by watching the video below from the National 3 Day Start Up Organization?

Few words from previous Mentors and Judges on their 3 Day Startup experience at the Texas State University:

3DS Presentations
  • Absolutely thrilled to be mentoring my first 3-Day Startup weekend with Texas State University students and so fun to be on campus! Love seeing entrepreneur education and innovation brainstorming happening live! -Clair England, Mentor/Judge

  • I just had the opportunity to discuss my business model with the CEO of Greenling thanks to the connections made this past weekend. I am excited to continue forward with Pure a Clean Products. This newfound drive, belief in myself, and of course the networking opportunities would not have been possible without 3 Day Start-Up, and I cannot thank everybody enough for making it happen. -Maureen Pafumi, 3DS Judge

  • Privileged to have been a mentor at the Three Day Startup (3DS) event at the Texas State this past weekend. About 60 great students, plenty of interesting business concepts generated, developed, and pitched (mini-Shark Tank at the end), and a work space buzzing with intense energy for three days. Lots learned by everyone involved and I suspect that most left invigorated. I know I did. -Kim Smith, 3DS Mentor