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  • Entrepreneur Bootcamp is a weekend long event that will bring in students from all backgrounds in order to learn the basics of entrepreneurship. Over the weekend you will be placed in teams that help each student learn the factors that play in to starting a business.

    Each student group will focus on a new or existing business idea and apply analytical techniques to visually examine the business potential from multiple dimensions. The program is intended for students who want to experience the excitement of assessing the potential of a new business idea and market opportunity.

  • April 24th through 26th, starting at 5:00pm on the 24th through the evening of April 26th.

    This is a three day event that is designed for scheduled participation over the weekend.

  • Due to COVID-19 the program will be held virtually the entire weekend.

  • It is free to all students at Texas State undergrad and grads of all majors.

  • Any registered student, undergrad or grad, in any major at Texas State who has an interest in entrepreneurship.


  • Of course, cancellation is possible if done a week before the program begins. Write one of the program coordinators, which will give us time to invite another student. If you are a ‘no show’, meaning don’t cancel and don’t come, then you’ll forfeit the opportunity to take the program in the next semester.

  • To engage in the process, learn everything they can, have an open mind to new ideas, and contribute to your team in a meaningful way. 

  • We will provide special assistance for students with physical disabilities.

  • Contact Kyle Findley, the Entrepreneur Bootcamp/Deep Dive GA coordinator at or the Management Office at

  • Not really, the expectation is that you’ll do your best to be present all 3 days, Friday – Sunday, see times above.