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About Us

The Texas State Center for Entrepreneurial Action supports economic development and job growth in San Marcos and Central Texas by providing support, assistance, and training to regional entrepreneurs and inventors. The center works to establish and support technology commercialization efforts at Texas State University, as well as providing students with an entrepreneurship curriculum.

Mission and Vision

Create a culture of entrepreneurial activity among students, faculty and alumni campus-wide at Texas State University and ensure that students develop the necessary skills to successfully launch or help launch a new business, a new product, or a not-for-profit organization.

Provide means to support business startups with awards, grants, scholarships, access to incubation space, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

Provide business planning and mentoring with Texas State University partners such as the McCoy College of Business and the Office of Technology Commercialization.

To establish a close, mutually beneficial, working relationship between the participating universities and local and regional startups, emerging firms, and other entrepreneurial entities.

Create and involve an alumni network of entrepreneurs with a sense of community, and understanding of their responsibilities to their communities and a readiness to assume a leadership role.